Starting a Weblog

I have always sort of laughed at the idea of “blogging”. The “like anyone else is actually going to care what I have to say” mentality rings loudly in my head as I write. However, in a conversation with Paul Allen, he suggested that it isn’t always that way. Paul is one of those people who I admire becaue of his willingness to share pearls of wisdom with those around him. And because of his success, you tend to listen to the things he says. I’m not pretending that I’m going to have 400 readers a day, as he does, but I think it’s worth starting somewhere.
My experiences are mostly lumpped in 2 major categories: multimedia (web) design, and educational technology. Because of that I have created those two categories for my blog. Since I too hope to be able to share useful information with those who are working on related projects, I’m just going to start by blogging about some of the tricks that I’ve used over time in my design work that have saved me tiime and made life better and if anyone actually reads it, bless you for making this all worth it!

Color Schemer

One of the best little tools I’ve found when it comes to designing is called ColorSchemer. This online app lets you set colors while automatically generating related color schemes. Fortunately, for the colorly challenged, like myself, this thing can be a life saver.