John Seely Brown on Serious Play

This week I had the opportunity to hear John Seely Brown speak at the University of Utah. He began by calling our attention to a chilling statistic:

Last year china and asia graduated 500,000 engineers. The US graduated 90,000, but 40,000 of them returned home to Asia.

He then provided some suggestions for how we should go about addressing the challenges of learning today.

  • We should rethink how today’s digital students learn
  • We should tap into the natural curiosities and passions of students
  • We should leverage peer-based learning communities
  • We should leverage the open resources of the net to re-conceive schooling and learning for and in the digital age

Brown concluded his discussion by cautioning that we are spending so much time addressing why “johnny can’t read” that we forgetting to address why “johnny can’t innovate”.

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