Relevancy of Google Search

A year ago I thought Google was the answer to all of the world’s problems, today I’m changing my mind. I have two major frustrations with Google. The first is that they do not release any of their products for Mac users. I would pay to have a copy of Picasa for Mac if they would just port it over. Perhaps they think that because Mac users have iPhoto they don’t need Picasa (probably because they’ve never actually tried using iPhoto). Anyway, there is no similar excuse for not releasing Google Earth and Talk for Macintosh.

My other issue is one that effects all users. Lately I’ve been noticing that search results seem to be increasingly less relevant than the other search engines. Back in the day Google blew MSN and Yahoo! out of the water when it came to search relevance, but on several searches that I have done lately I’ve found much more relevant results on Yahoo!. Has anyone else noticed this? If, like me, you hadn’t performed a search in Yahoo! in several years, you may want to give it a shot to compare the differences.