My favorite free software apps…

Some of the best software that I use on a regular basis are free open source or web 2.0 aps. In addition to being free, they rival and even surpass the 800 pound gorillas of the commercial software world. If you haven’t tried these out, you really need to take a couple of minutes to follow the links…

Web Editing
Kompozer – A great open source tool for web design that supports templates (compare with Adobe Dreamweaver).

Word Processing
Google Docs – An online word processor with collaborative writing features – I’m writing a book right now using only Google Docs (compare with Microsoft Word)

Financial Planning
Mint – An easy way to track personal finances and budgets with some great visualizations and notification options (compare with Intuit Quicken).

Web Browsing
Firefox – ok, this one isn’t new to anyone – but if I’m making a list of my favorite free software I have to include Firefox (compare with Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Media Conversion
You Convert It – A great web-based media conversion tool – even converts videos without installing anything on your computer (compare with Sorenson Squeeze and a whole bunch of other file conversion aps).

Audio Editing
Audacity – The easiest tool for doing audio recording and editing (compare with Sound Studio).

Page Layout
Scribus – A powerful, open source, page layout tool (compare with Adobe InDesign)

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