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Intelligence Tests

Intelligence-Fair Test

Intelligence-Fair Assessment (revised Winter 2005)

Intelligence Tests

Intelligence-Fair Assessment

Intelligence Tests

Intelligence tests are always interesting, though not necessarily accurate. I would like you to take each of the following intelligence tests. Two will reveal your Intelligence according to Howard Garner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. The third is an IQ test. Take each test and then answer the questions that follow.

Multiple Intelligences

IQ Test


  • Summarize your results from each of the tests. How did your results compare for the two Multiple Intelligences tests?
  • Did you agree with the results of those tests? Why or why not?
  • Summarize your results from the IQ tests (you do not have to reveal your exact score). What did you think of the IQ test?
  • Do you think that the score is accurate? (keep in mind the following information - 68% score between 85 and 115, 95% score between 70 and 130, and 98% score between 55 and 145)
  • Is this something that you would do with the kids in your class? Why or why not?