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Education Video Clips—Lean on Me

The clip "parents town meeting about expelled students" is a good illustration of the passion that drives good teaching.

Educational Video Clips—Dead Poet's Society

The clip "I sound my barbaric YAWP" is an interesting way to illustrate intentionality in teaching, or simply to introduce the idea that educational psychology provides a vehicle for us to assess the individual needs of students and to find ways of nuturing their gifts.

Educational Video Clips—Dead Poet's Society

The "carpe diem" clip can illustrate intentionality and community building in teaching. Another clip from the film that is not available on this tape but which might be useful is the clip where Keating invites his boys to march around the commons to the beat of their own drummer. You might want to discuss why these kinds of exercises can be valuable fo a class.

Video Interviews—How Research Informs my Teaching

Brief interviews with local elementary educators who talk about how researh in educational psychology has effected their teaching. (In production.)

Carl Harris Ethnography—The Larry Beaudin Case

Invite your students to analyze the direct teaching lesson that Larry Beaudin shares with his 4th grade students. Is Beaudin an "intentional" teacher? Does he employ sound principles of educational psychology? Even though this is the first class of the semester, assure your students that they intuitively know good teaching when they see it and that, with a little thought, they can identify many of the componant parts of good teaching method.

Invite your students to watch the clips in sequence (about 12 minutes), and to identify some of tools that Beaudin uses to motivate his students, control their behavior, teach them difficult concepts and encourage quality perfomance. Ask them to consider the following questions:

* What does Beaudin do to capture and maintain his students' interest?
* What does be do to keep order in the classroom?
* What does he do to make his objectives clear to the students?
* What tools does he use help the students understand the concepts he is teaching?
* What does he do to ensure that the students will remember the concepts he is teaching?
* What characteristics does he display that seem to make the students like and respect him?
* What additional observations would you like to make about this teaching experience?
* What could Beaudin do to make his lesson even more effective?

Let your students know that you will watch this clip again later in the semester to see if they can more easily identify the principles of educational psychology that Beaudin is employing in his teaching. For now, it is enough that they realize that they are already educational psychologists with at least 15 years of research skill behind them (their years in the educational system)

You might want to use this as an additional classtime assignment and invite the students to participate in a discussion about the lesson on Blackboard.

This CD is available in the 301 files or online.

Carl Harris Ethnography—The Peggy Hunt Case

Use the clips in sequence to conduct the same kind of analysis outlined above.

This CD is available in the 301 files or online.



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